Questionable Day Trading Academy Reviews Raise Doubts

day trading class day trading school reviews

With more and more stock market investors considering the option of day trading for a living, the rise of day trading schools is noticeable.

Some are really good and some are severely over-selling their true value to day trading beginners. And unfortunately, questionable Day Trading Academy reviews have become a bit of a concern. So we're going to investigate whether or not you can trust the high praises that you'll find for the Day Trading Academy online.

The Day Trading Academy was started in 2011 by Marcello Arrambide, a well-known day trader since 2002, he has his fans but he (and his day trading classes) definitely has some strong critics within the day trading community.

Let's look at how The Day Trading Academy operates according to day trading school reviews and later we'll look at some day trading academy complaints.

Day Trading Classes With a Personal Touch?

According to many Day Trading Academy reviews, there is a more personalized teacher/student relationship with this course and a unique style of trading taught. The Day Trading Academy focuses primarily on trading near market open, attempting to profit by only trading for a couple hours each day.

Students can send in trading charts and day trading logs that their teacher will review, critique, and comment on. The corrections and recommendations that the day trading teacher gives about the student's logs will be formatted and sent in a personalized video to the student. And according to day trading academy reviews, the teachers do a great job responding quickly to student questions and concerns via email.

Also, there are live day trading lessons every week, where The Day Trading Academy founder himself, Marcello Arrambide, or sometimes a "successful" day trader student, will discuss what's currently happening in the markets. The teacher of these live weekly training sessions will also notify their day trading students of the trading opportunities that are presenting themselves. Again, this is according to day trading school reviews that we may or may not be able to trust. More on that later in this article...

How Much Does Day Trading Academy Cost?

If you're wondering how much is Day Trading Academy training, it differs depending on which year of training you're in.

1st year of day trading class with The Day Trading Academy:

- One time payment of $2000 for 1 Year.

After the 1st year of day trading classes:

- After your first year ends, you can pay $150 per Month for access.

So while you are able to pay month-to-month after the 1st year, the $150 per month would equal $1,800 per yer, again, that's after the first year of day training classes have been paid off at the sum of $2,000 in a lump sum.

Needless to say, whether this is the best day trading school or not, these day trading classes are far from cheap. Definitely not meant for people trying to learn how to start day trading with 100 dollars.

And when considering how much it costs to take The Day Trading Academy classes, you'd surely expect to get every penny's worth of day trading education and that is exactly why people search so diligently for The Day Trading Academy reviews before paying such a high price for the school. But that leads us to some sketchy aspects of The Day Trading Academy reviews online that have caused many not to trust them.

Can Day Trading Academy Reviews Be Trusted?

So as you search around online for "how does day trading work?" and "Day Trading Academy reviews", you may find various positive Day Trading Academy reviews saying it's the best day trading school anywhere.

But WHY are these Day Trading Academy reviews so overwhelmingly positive?

Well, one thing to consider with the review of these particular day trading classes is that current members receive one free month (the equivalent of $150) when they leave Day Trading Academy reviews of the service on the internet and alert the company. Nothing criminal, but you can imagine how this could skew the results of "unbiased" Day Trading Academy reviews.

Now don't misunderstand the point, The Day Trading Academy does not instruct their members to leave a positive review, but it seems pretty obvious that the day trading school wouldn't give a free month's subscription to someone who left them a harshly negative review. After members leave a review, they simply tell The Day Trading Academy the name of the review site used, the name they left the review under and afterwards The Day Trading Academy credit's the member's account for a free month of day trade training (normally at the rate of $150).

Now to be fair, if The Day Trading Academy was a horrible school people likely wouldn't leave positive reviews in order to get another free month of a worthless product. But it is something to note that The Day Trading Academy does provide a strong incentive for their members to give Day Trading Academy reviews, not every student is doing so out of pure love of the classes.

And think about it... If a student was on-the-fence about this day trading class, or even mildly underwhelmed after paying for a full year of training, couldn't you easily imagine someone leaving a positive review in order to get one free (extra) month of training so as to figure out if they want to continue or not? It just makes sense to do.

Fake Day Trading Schools Review From Day Trading Academy Founder

When we consider The Day Trading Academy complaints that arise, none are more damning than the accusation of fake reviews from the owner of The Day Trading Academy himself, Marcello Arrambide.

One such incident was caught and exposed on the Futures.IO forum.

Many of Marcello Arrambide's detractors felt vindicated in seeing his actions being exposed when he was caught red-handed trying to leave a positive Day Trading Academy review on while posing as a client. Take a look at this screenshot below claiming that DTA is the best day trading school....

Day Trading Academy Reviews scam

The well-respected website administrator at banned Marcello after the fake review and left it up for all to see. He left a note saying...

"He pretends to be a user, but in actuality he is the vendor discussed in this thread - 'The Day Trading Academy'. I have proof of this.

This should tell you all that you need to know about doing business with this company. I have left the post intact for others to see."


Day Trading Academy Reviews - day trading classes

Why Many Insiders Don't Respect DTA's Day Trading Class

The main issue that many day trading insiders have with The Day Trading Academy is that none of the claims made by Marcello Arrambide are supported by any proof, The Day Trading Academy website has been up for 5+ years now but we’re yet to see a 3rd-party verified track-record unlike some of his day trading educator peers. Instead of showing statements or real-time day trading results, investors looking for proof are offered a bunch of questionable testimonials.

Another issue that some in the day trading community have a problem with is the style of trading promoted at The Day Trading Academy.

The Day Trading Academy teaches day trading using several indicators; Bollinger Bands, EMA and MACD. And a 2 point profit target, allowing a 1.25 stop-loss when trading ES contracts. This is not viewed as the most sophisticated way of trading Emini Futures.

Then students can move on to a more advanced style of trading, that involves a more "holistic" view of the market, and trying to ‘feel’ what the market price is doing. Again, this isn't widely viewed as a sound way to trade because it encourages traders to involve their emotions in day trading, that's not how day trading works. The most basic stock advice among elite and proven day traders is that it's absolutely vital to trade without emotion.

Key To Finding The Best Day Trading School: Cautiousness

So in conclusion, it's obvious that the positive Day Trading Academy reviews you'll find littered online are highly suspect and that if you are searching for day trading schools or online classes, you should choose a mentor that will show you proof of success and is eager to show you their "receipts" so to speak.

But on the other hand, real day trading gurus that show their real trading screens and successes get called "arrogant show-offs". So, no day trading teacher is without his or her detractors, you'll have to decide for yourself which complaints are frivolous, which are worth listening to saving you wasted time and money.

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