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3 Great Minivans and How to Buy Used Cars Risk-Free

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Buying a car represents one of the biggest financial outlays you are going to make in your life. As such, it is important that you make the most of your money - particularly at a time when world financial markets are so uncertain. With used cars up to two-and-a-half years old worth less than 60% of the original value, it is not surprising that the used car market is booming. Buying a used car can bring your desired vehicle into an affordable price range. However, your investment deserves careful consideration. You need the peace of mind that your new used vehicle is worth the price you paid, and that any underlying issues are outlined to you.

Here are our three favourite Minivans to consider. We have added two main advantages and one disadvantage to give you a brief introduction to each.

Citroen C4 Picasso


Economy - the C4 delivers up to 74mpg and is classified as ‘low-emissions’, and road tax is therefore low on this vehicle.
Sleek design - both the interior and exterior are impressive for a large MPV. Despite the generous size, it isn’t cumbersome, and has a feeling of modern refinement.

Could be better:
Handling - It looks the part, but the C4 is disappointing when it comes to handling. It is large MPV, but rival cars are better in this area.

Ford C-Max


Economy - The C-Max offers similar economy to the Citroen, with up to 74mpg being achievable. Again, low road tax is a great cost-saving advantage.
Practicality - With removable seating and great interior mod-cons, the C-Max also offers superb storage, with those little extras that make family journeys easier, such as a water bottle holder.

Could be better:
Space towards the rear - Whilst storage space is generous, rear seating can be cramped when all three seats are in use.

Seat Alhambra


Sliding rear doors - A great feature for a family car, the Alhambra’s sliding doors make loading and unloading a breeze.
Spacious interior - The Alhambra is a large MPV and all seating can comfortably accommodate adult passengers. The flexibility of this seating means interior storage can easily be maximised.

Could be better:
Economy - With its large size comes relatively poor efficiency (only up to 56 mpg), and so higher running costs and car tax.

Buy Risk Free

Buying a used vehicle comes with inherent risks. Researching car makes and models is important, but it is vital to ensure the history of your prospective purchase is bona-fide to avoid nasty surprises in the future. Car fraud can lead to worse problems than regular trips to the garage - you could face considerable financial problems through fraud such as car finance conversion fraud. The good news is that buying through a reputable supplier such as AA Cars can make buying a used car risk free. Such established retailers offer their own history checks to give you peace of mind; some offer free breakdown cover as part of the retail price.

It is easier than ever to find the right minivan for you and buy with confidence at a great price.

What do you think to our Minivans? What do you look for in a used car?

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