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3 Tricks Used by Car Dealers To Be Aware Of – The Scam & Solutions

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When it comes to buying a new or even used car, it can be a harrowing process for the people who are going to go through from this process for the very first time. You will have to bear a lot of paperwork. If you are going to buy your car through a dealer or salesperson, you have to be extra careful in this regard. They use some tricks to scam with you or earn a higher commission.

No doubt we all try to go with a deal to buy our first ever car, especially when are looking for a used one. The major purpose to hire a deal or car salesperson is to reduce the cost or buy a damaged free car. However, choosing a wrong car dealer can become a nightmare for you. So, before you go with any dealer know about the below-given tricks that a car dealer can use to bilk their customers.

From a long list, we have chosen the most common to share with you, here are these:

Lots of Lies

The Scam: Usually the over smart car dealers start lying with you and ended with the same. They lie the small things like your required color is not available, the price is good but we have very short time, there are only one left, there are many other people interested in the same care so, we need to take a final decision as soon as we can.

The Solution: Never take any decision in a hurry, and take your time to research and be patient when shopping for a car through a dealer. Don't need to rush into anything, especially what a salesman tells you. However, don’t treat salespeople fairly and take everything they say with a grain of salt.

Bait and Switch

The Scam: Most of the dealers advertise cars with the best prices, but when a customer shows their interest to buy that car, they say it's already sold out. However, they will offer you a bit higher price and force you to buy it with the assurance to cancel their previous deal. The trick is to get into the showroom and agree you buy.

The Solution: Before you visit their showroom, call them and ask that the advertised vehicle is in stock or not. If available, ask them to email you that the car is available for sale. Once you visit the showroom and if they try to bait and switch their statement, in such case you will have proof.

Focus on Monthly Payments

The Scam: "If I offer you this car only at $220 per month, will you grab the opportunity to take this car today?" This is one of the most common sales tricks. They will try to focus on the monthly payment. In this hurry situation, the dealers will try to hide all sorts of lucrative back-end products.

The Solution: Before you go with any monthly deal from a dealer, must check the banks around you. Most of the banks offer auto-loans on easy terms compared to the dealers. Or you can take some time to research the market and negotiate based on your research.

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