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5 Major Reasons Trust Deed Lending Is a Smart Investment

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Unlike other investments such as stocks, bonds, structured deposits, REITS or even investment linked insurance policies, trust deeds can be shaped and crafted to fit each investor’s specific investment yield risk parameters.

While we know that most astute investors participate in a variety of investment types, we have witnessed that our most successful and prudent clients have a considerable share of their portfolio dedicated to private money lending and derive much satisfaction from this form of investing.

Editor’s Note: The flexibility trust deed investingthat private money lenders have with trust deed lending is very appealing to smart investors. The level of control is much greater than in most other investment types. As the lender you are able to meet the person applying for the loan, take a look at the collateral property and make sure it's being kept in good condition, you can even service your own loans and collect payments yourself if you'd like to.

The ability to access what is reasonable yield and risk is also attractive. Usually, if the yield is a bit lower the risk is as well, but there are not preset determinations on what you should and shouldn't invest in. A well-studied investor can turn substantial profit in this wide-open investing market.. Here are our article highlights:

  • Unlike investing in mutual funds, business offerings or the stock market, trust deeds are collateral based and have recourse.
  • Trust deed lending offers investors the ability to hand craft their investment.
  • Private Lending offers the trust deed investor predictable yields, ease of management, and some liquidity.
  • Private Lending is easy to understand.
  • There is never a shortage of quality opportunities.

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