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6 Predictions For Peer-to-Peer Lending In 2015

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Here is my annual predictions post where I review my previous years predictions and make some new ones for the new year.

Let me look into my crystal ball and give five predictions for the coming year.

Editor’s Note: Peter Renton from Lend Academy gives his annual wrap up, detailing where he was right and wrong on last year's predictions for the major peer to peer lending companies and what effects those changes would have on the lending marketplace, borrowers and investing lenders.

He accurately predicted the successful Lending Club IPO in 2014 and had some other insightful explanations of other predictions gone good and bad. Here are the six predictions for 2015 according to p2p lending advice expert Peter Renton:

  1. Lending Club will issue $10 billion in new loans and Prosper $4.1 billion.
  2. Prosper will keep it's company status as a private company.
  3. There will be two new marketplace lenders completing an IPO in 2015.
  4. A new platform will launch targeting non-accredited investors.
  5. A midsize bank will join the competition and start their own marketplace lending platform.
  6. Lending Club will use their large cash war chest to make at least two new acquisitions.

Regardless of your financial goals, whether you are looking for a high-yield investment or you need a loan in a hurry you are likely missing out if your ignore the peer to peer lending boom. Going around the banks is proving to be a wise move, healthy returns on investment are still readily available and getting a loan doesn't have to be difficult.

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