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Ablrate Widens Investment Options With Just Loans Group PLC Deal

- Partnership gives Ablrate investors instant diversification over a number of loans in one trade

Ablrate, a pioneering peer-to-peer lending platform that is the first in the world to offer investors access to asset-backed loans against aircraft transactions has announced a partnership with The Just Loans Group PLC to provide commercial property-backed investment options on the Ablrate platform.

The Just Loans Group PLC offers UK businesses an alternative to traditional banks' lending facilities. The company's expertise in underwriting has created a high-quality loan book of over £10m during the course of its first 18 months of operations, with zero capital losses across more than 200 transactions totalling £12.8m.

Commenting on today's partnership announcement with The Just Loans Group PLC, David Bradley-Ward, CEO of Ablrate said: "This collaboration represents a fantastic way for Ablrate's investor community to grow and be presented with a wide range of lending options. The Just Loans Group PLC brings a high quality, asset-backed lending proposition that complements our existing niche offering, allowing investors on our platform added value."

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The Just Loans Group PLC's loan facility arrangement with Ablrate is for up to £10m, with an initial tranche of £500,000. The arrangement will leverage the firms underwriting experience and allow Ablrate's investors to tap into other sources of lending thereby diversifying their investment options.

John Davies, Director, The Just Loans Group PLC said, "This innovative partnership with Ablrate will help provide UK businesses with the what they urgently need - early funding to help them grow and a relationship that will help them establish a good credit record."

This partnership comes at a time when the alternative finance market is predicted to double in size in 2015, reaching an impressive £4.4bn, according to Nesta. Last year bank lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK was down by £400m, a gap that the UK alternative finance market filled, providing financing to over 7,000 SMEs, or the equivalent to 2.4% of all bank lending to SMEs.

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About Ablrate
Ablrate is a pioneer in asset backed lending against high-quality assets and the first peer lending platform in the world to give investors access to aircraft transactions. Through their unique online investment platform, they enable individuals and businesses to manage their own financial risk and returns, disintermediating and removing the cost of the middleman. Investors have full visibility of the asset they are investing in, but also of the potential risk exposure they are taking on. The peer to peer lender gives investors access to exciting and unique investment opportunities ranging from the highly regulated aircraft leasing space to capital equipment transactions that provide investors with good security and higher returns. 

About The Just Loans Group PLC

The Just Loans Group PLC entered the alternative finance sector in 2014 to help bridge the financing gap that was restricting the progress of UK businesses. The Group is focussed on funding growing UK businesses with loans between £10,000 - £500,000. The business has already built a loan book of over £10m with skilled and experienced underwriting leading to zero capital loses to date.


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