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The Amazon Bitcoin Solution from Purse.IO - Spend or Buy Bitcoin

amazon bitcoin is an innovative California-based company that gives Bitcoin users the Amazon Bitcoin solution that we've been looking for since Amazon doesn't yet accept Bitcoin directly.

People around the world that are wondering how to buy Bitcoins will be happy to know that they can buy Bitcoin easily on by helping others get Amazon products at discounts of up to 25% (actually 45%, but we'll explain that later in this article).

The Amazon Bitcoin Bridge Is Now Gapped

Purse IO is an ideal online service for people who want to buy products from Amazon using Bitcoin. But integral to its solution are those who want to buy Bitcoin using a credit card, perhaps while living in areas where exchanges are not available.

By bringing these two hungry markets together, is able to able to offer fast and trusted Amazon Bitcoin transactions, powered by an incentivized Bitcoin exchange that offers Amazon buyers steep discounts that encourages them to 'sell' their digital currency to those looking to buy Bitcoin.

This future-forward process is similar to a peer-to-peer marketplace, where acts as an intermediary, offering users the Bitcoin trading platform, a Bitcoin wallet and escrow for safe transactions.

Purse IO gives people looking to spend Bitcoin an opportunity to do so, rather than simply buying and holding.

How Buy With Bitcoin on Amazon Products

When someone wants to buy with Bitcoin on Amazon at a discount, they deposit Bitcoin into their account (or wallet). Then, the Amazon buyer goes to Amazon and adds the products they want to a 'wish list'. After that, they copy the URL of that wish list and paste it where you are prompted to paste it on the website. allows you to indicate what level of discount you would like for the items. The first order is capped at a 15% discount, after that you can go for even higher discounts.

how to buy bitcoins

Name Your Amazon Bitcoin Discount at

When complete, the Amazon Bitcoin listing is posted in the active marketplace. The first time I made an Amazon Bitcoin order, someone had purchased the items on my Amazon wish list within an hour and the Bitcoins I used for the purchase were put into an escrow until I received my packages.

So what happens is that someone looking to buy Bitcoins, will find an Amazon wish list order on the website that is near the amount of money they want to spend on buying Bitcoins, they accept their Amazon Bitcoin transaction of choice and purchase the items on the Amazon wish list using a credit card. Soon after, the items are shipped.

Once the Amazon items have been received, the creator of the wish list notifies that they received their products, at which point their Bitcoin is released from escrow and is sent to the person that wanted to buy Bitcoin.

In effect, the person looking to buy Bitcoin pays cash for your Amazon wish list in exchange for being sent your Bitcoins after the Amazon packages arrive.

Here's something else interesting for Amazon buyers, while there's a suggested 25% 'maximum' discount, in fact, the user sets the desired discount amount and Amazon-Bitcoin transactions have been accepted with discounts as steep as 45%.

How to Buy Bitcoins With Ease is a great service for people that want to know how to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily. "It’s kind of like an exchange, but with that Amazon layer," explained Kent Liu, the second founder of Purse IO.

Liu said that he thought of the idea for a Bitcoin exchange about a year ago, when Bitcoin's price increased to a level never seen before, and as a result there were a lot of new BTC-related services popping up.

"People were excited to spend Bitcoin," he said.

The problem, from his perspective, was that every purchasing service charged fees.

Liu explained, "It is difficult to buy Bitcoin. It is really, really hard. Our market is people who cannot overcome that difficulty. The difficulty is not going to decrease that easily anytime soon."

Instead of charging Bitcoin buyers, adds a 1% fee on people selling the Bitcoin and benefitting from large Amazon discounts.

Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Some people want to know how to buy Bitcoins with Amazon gift cards. We'll show you, it's easy.

With's Amazon Bitcoin conversion services, you can also convert Amazon gift cards and even Amazon gift card balances to a more liquid, freely spendable form. Their service can convert your points and credits from Amazon Associates, Mechanical Turk, Swagbucks, eBates, and various other websites to a more liquid form of currency.

This Amazon Bitcoin conversion service works very simply. To convert your Amazon gift card balance to Bitcoin, you’ll need to buy products for other users on Amazon with your cards or balance. Once that merchandise arrives and the shopper confirms the order on Purse IO, Bitcoin will be released to you from escrow.

How To Buy Bitcoin through any payment option that Amazon accepts

Here's a demo of how to buy Bitcoins through any payment form that Amazon currently takes. That includes Amazon gift cards, Amex Membership Rewards, rewards credit cards, Amazon credit cards, Chase Sapphire points, and credit cards, just follow the easy Amazon Bitcoin exchange steps:

  1. Navigate to “Earn” and browse the available orders.
    how to buy bitcoin
  2. Filter by Country & the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy. 
    how to buy bitcoin - amazon bitcoin
  3. Click on an Amazon Bitcoin order to preview, then select “Accept Offer”.

    buy bitcoin

    Buy Bitcoin Through Amazon Bitcoin Exchanges

  4. Then, go purchase the items on Amazon.
    • Click “Add wish list to cart” and the entire Amazon order will be automatically added to your Amazon cart.
    • Select the same shipping address highlighted during checkout.
    • After completing the purchase, copy and paste the Amazon Order ID and hit “submit” on Purse.

With Bitcoin becoming a hugely popular investment entity, there are countless numbers of people looking for any possible way to buy Bitcoin. If you are looking to spend your Bitcoin on Amazon, you will easily be able to make your purchase at a tried -and-true discount with fast and safe Amazon Bitcoin exchange services.

Amazon Bitcoin Exchange Video - Spend or Buy Bitcoin Easily

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