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Are You Throwing Away Money By Investing In P2P Lending?

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The loss rate on p2p loans is surprisingly low with defaults for the best-rated loans under 2% over the last five years.

Even default rates at higher-risk loan categories can be manageable by spreading your investment across several categories.

Editor’s Note: We appreciate that optimistic honesty of Sean Bryant, he admits that p2p loan returns are lagging behind stocks for the time being. He also points out that p2p lending gives much healthier returns than bonds and other income-investment choices. Here are our article highlights:

  • Table chart in article shows the loss rate and actual return for loans on Prosper over the last five years.
  • If the stock market takes another dive, peer loans in your portfolio could protect your wealth from taking a dive along with the market.
  • The peer to peer industry is still in its infancy and you should research it well before you make your decision.

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