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California Private Lenders Taking Advantage Of Opportunities

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In California, more and more investors are enticed by the returns offered by private money lending. These returns range from 9% to 12% annually.

Because banks aren’t readily lending on investment properties, real estate investors are depending on private money lenders to finance their deals more and more.

Because private money lending is much faster than bank lending to fund on a deal, even those who can qualify at the bank are seeking out private money lenders to finance their deals.


Editor’s Note: It's well known that California is a hotbed for private money lenders of all types, especially hard money lenders.california realty

With or without a professional broker (you don't NEED a broker)doing the deal, the private lenders are seeing great returns on investment in the Sunshine.

An annually return between 9-12% is quite healthy to say the least, and typically much safer than investing in stock because the investments are backed by hard assets that are usually valued far more than the actual loan.

It's a win-win for lenders looking for safe investments with larger returns and borrowers looking to blast past the extra red tape and waiting games. Here are our article highlights:

  • Retired investors looking to diversify their retirement portfolios are finding the large returns earned in private money lending very enticing.
  • The hard money loans made in California are at a lower loan to value on already discounted real estate.
  • Private money lenders find themselves in a lower risk asset as compared with other investment opportunities.

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