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Can I get a Title Loan with a Pink Slip from Another State?

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The short answer is yes. For some lenders, the process is simple and you just need to show proof of residency in the state the title is registered in. This could be a utility bill or even a subscription service that has your name on it. As long as the car title is under your name and you can prove your home address, you can proceed with the loan.

In cases where you have a different address for the pink slip, you may be required to register your title in the state you want to apply for a loan from. This would involve going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Department of Revenue in some states and filling out an application to register the car in that state. You also need several other documents like proof of residency in your current state, along with the original title and registration from the previous state of residence. While it can be difficult find a local lender in your state, you may want to consider an online company like Highway Title Loans. This company has a large reach when it comes to the amount of states they provide funding in and they can typically process an application in less than one hour.

Other information to have

Car title loans are not as strict when it comes to approving loans as other types of financing, however you should have every necessary document ready for the lender to evaluate so they can process your loan.

Although it might differ depending on the state, generally you need to provide the following:

  • A valid ID
  • Income statements - to show ability to repay
  • Proof of residency
  • A clean title to the car with your name on it that you're using as collateral for the title loan
  • Referees’ details
  • Details of the vehicle - mileage, condition, make, model, year. Can be photos.
  • Vehicle insurance

A few things to keep in mind

Make sure the car title is in your name

This should be obvious, but in case you're wondering, the lender puts a lien on the title of your vehicle which acts as collateral when you take the loan. In other words, the car needs to be under your name or you can’t apply for a title loan.

You don't have to physically show the title if you don't have it with you, a picture or screenshot of the title may be enough for some lenders.

If you don't have that due to it being lost or stolen, you can have it replaced at your local DMV.

Have the car ready for inspection

The amount you can get with a title loan you can get will largely be dependent on the value of your car. Some lenders allow photos to be sent to evaluate the car's value while others require a visual inspection of the car in person.

Hold a lien-free car title

You need to have already paid off your car loan before applying for a car title loan. The lender needs to minimize risks because if you fail to pay your loan, they may not be able to make money back the vehicle. This will vary between different lenders as some will still have loan options for you even if you still have payments left on your car. Whatever your reason for applying for an online title loan, it shouldn't be a problem if the pink slip is from another state. As long as the car title is under your name and you can show proof that you're able to repay the loan, you can meet the other requirements quite easily.

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