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Pending Bill and No Money? Here's 4 Ways to Pay It Off Quickly

Sometimes finances can get a little tight, and when you have a pending bill and seemingly no way to pay it, you may have more options than you think. But when you find yourself struggling to be on time with any bill, you should first contact the billing company to see if you can get […]

Grand Canyon Advisors Discusses How To Budget In Retirement

Grand Canyon Advisors feel that you should be saving money and not giving everything you have to credit card companies. That's one of the main reasons they give financial advice to retirees who are worried about their financial future. Let's face it... Far too many retired citizens have anxiety about running out of money after […]

Timing Your Loan Repayments Optimally

Whilst there are many types of loans, they can all usually be placed into one of two categories: secured loans and unsecured loans. Secured loans are protected by an asset, whilst unsecured loans are not. For example, a house or a car could be a reasonable asset to use as collateral. However, whilst this may […]

Tuck Associates Discusses Why Americans Need to Stop Racking Up Credit Card Debt With a Recession Projected

According to the Economic Policy Institute, there is a good possibility that there will be a recession in the U.S. economy sometime in the next year and a half. Recession is when consumer spending shrinks, due to a lack of funds to spend, such as in the case of unemployment or under-employment. Business spending and […]

Tips For Dealing With A Debt Collector

The dubious actions of debt collection companies have caused financial uncertainty amongst many of their clients, who are struggling with huge debts already. The Financial Ombudsman made a statement about how these companies have breached their legal boundaries and are wrongfully exploiting vulnerable people. Despite the shoddy practices that many debt collectors have adopted, it […]

Punch Associates Discusses The Reasons Why Paying Off Debt Can Negatively Impact Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score seems like it should be a straightforward endeavor. You utilize your credit properly, pay what you must on time, check to see that everything’s accurate, and eventually, you’ll be rewarded with a credit score that is agreeable to any lender. In many ways, raising your credit score is simple enough, but […]

Keel Associates Discusses How Debt Consolidation Affects Your Credit Score

According to CNBC, the average American carries $38,000 in personal, non-mortgage debt. This is a higher amount than in the past. Also, CNBC found that more people carry debt than in past years. Considering that about 26 percent of auto loans are subprime and are at around an interest rate of 15 percent or more […]

Ballast Associates Discusses Types of Debt You Can Consolidate AND How to Know if Debt Consolidation is the Right Choice For You

Many people are swimming in debt payments, often at high interest rates. As debt mounts, people get to the point where they fear they can no longer make all of their payments. Missed payments affect their credit score. For some, the answer is to consolidate their debts in one payment each month at a lower […]

Second City Advisors Discusses The Worst States to Have Credit Card Debt In

According to the findings of the USA Today, which were based on research conducted by the Federal Reserve, Americans owe a whopping $1.04 trillion in credit card debt as of March. While this is certainly no more than a glimpse of the overall national debt, it still places the U.S. on top of the list […]

Smart Ways To Defeat Credit Card Debt - Interstate Associates

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Are you weighed down by lingering credit card bills? Get ready to learn smart and efficient strategies for zeroing out even a sky-high debt. You owe it to yourself. Let's be real... Credit card debt is one of the worst financial burdens that one can have. Fortunately, getting yourself out of credit card debt is […]

Off to a Fresh Start: What Are the 2 Types of Personal Bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy generally falls under chapter 7 or chapter 13. Both of these are ways to deal with significant amounts of debt and can enable the filer to reduce or eliminate their debts within a short period. Anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy should determine which one applies to their situation and speak with […]

The Ins and Outs of Cash-Out Refinancing

If you own some type of investment property, like residential rental property, you may want to consider what is known as cash-out refinancing. Through this article you are presented with a basic, essential overview of the ins and outs of cash-out refinancing. Cash-out refinancing can provide you with a number of financial and other benefits. […]

The Lowdown On Debt Consolidation - Mountain Ridge

It’s no secret. Funding has been a rising issue for Americans over the last few years.  According to the Federal Reserve, the complete household debt in the United States has shot up to nearly $13 trillion as of 2018. It’s clear to see that U.S. consumer debt is out of control. the average American household […]

Personal Finances on a Silver Platter: Did You Know That Installment Loans Can Give Your Credit Score the Boost it Needs?

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Most people don’t really WANT to take a loan out. It’s something you do because you have to, or because it’s the smart call at the time. The older you get, the more you’ll realise that life sometimes doesn’t stick to the plan. It goes off in all kinds of directions, good or bad, and […]

How Does Being a Debtor Affect You?

While the growth of consumer debt in the UK has slowed down of late, it’s estimated that the average British household still owes more than £60,000 to creditors. In total, people in the UK owed a combined total of £1.6 trillion at the end of September 2018, with this figure having risen slightly over a […]

Tips for Building Your Savings When You Live One Paycheck at a Time

While you know that you need to have an emergency account for things like car repairs, medical costs, a sudden job loss or something similar, you may have a hard time-saving money if you live paycheck to paycheck. We have outlined five steps you can begin taking now to build up your savings. Keep in […]

The New Horizon of Quick Personal Loans for Bad Credit Holders – Things to Know!

Bad credit might have accumulated during your loan period owing to some unforeseen calamities in families and careers unsettling your personal circumstances. But basically, you, the borrower need not be dubbed to be bad or untrustworthy. More chances are to be given for resurrection in life. Financial firms including banks in large numbers stud the […]

Smart Financial Decisions: These 5 Personal Loan Mistakes Could Cost You Money

If you are thinking about applying for a personal loan, then you need to know that you aren’t the first, and will certainly not be the last. A lot of people have gone through this phase before, and some actually succeeded in getting whatever they wanted from their personal loans. However, there are so many […]

3 Side Hustles You Can Start to Help You Get Out of Debt Quicker

In the era of the gig economy, the side hustle has become a popular way for workers to start their own businesses. Unlike previous decades, there are many opportunities for side hustles, including online businesses, consulting, and the sharing economy. When people start side hustles they feel passionate about, they often find a way to […]

Things You Should Know About Bankruptcy

People who become insolvent for one reason or another usually look to bankruptcy as a last resort solution to their problems. However, bankruptcy is a serious issue and the decision to go through with it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before you decide that bankruptcy is the best option for you consult experts like attorneys at […]

Easy and Quick Personal Funding: Payday Loans Vs. Other Loans

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Nearly everyone needs some help with money every now and then. Life happens. For some people, getting a loan is extremely difficult due to a myriad of factors. Payday loans are one of the most reasonable solutions if you have trouble getting other types of loans. They differ from most loans because they are generally […]

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