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3 Money Management Tips for Day Trading

Trading is a market in which you can earn money. But if you make any mistakes, you will lose money instantly. It is a market where you will always lose some money and it is quite natural to do so. In a place like the trading market, losing money is quite natural. When you make […]

How to Successfully Market Your Small Business

Small businesses have to market their businesses successfully to remain profitable. The manner in which small businesses conduct their marketing is different from large conglomerates. Considering the limitations of a small business, there are certain elements to successfully market it. If you want to successfully market your small business you should do the following. Set […]

Understanding Various Options Available for Home Loan

While investing on a new home, you will need to avail certain home loan, as the amount can be quite large. There will be plenty of lenders in the market and all of them may have different terms and conditions for offering the loan.  There are various home loan options available like adjustable rates, fixed […]

How Credit Affects Home Loans

When it comes to getting a home loan, you want to be sure that you have the highest possible credit score that you can get. Credit scores have a major impact on your ability to get a home loan. Your credit history does not have to be perfect to get a home loan because homes […]

Kevin Neal: The Key Differences Between Equity and Debt Capital

Running a business usually requires a significant amount of capital. Capital takes various forms, from economic capital to human and labour capital. The term ‘financial capital’ is usually associated with money. Financial capital is often represented by cash, assets and securities. Cash in the bank can make all the difference to the future of any […]

Should You Apply for Bail Bond Loans

Bail bond loans can come in handy during emergencies and when arrested for committing a criminal offense. They typically range from $500 to $35, 000 and are repaid like other types of loans, typically in monthly or bi-monthly installments over a specified period of time. While they are often used to bail a loved one […]

Can I get a Title Loan with a Pink Slip from Another State?

The short answer is yes. For some lenders, the process is simple and you just need to show proof of residency in the state the title is registered in. This could be a utility bill or even a subscription service that has your name on it. As long as the car title is under your […]

Colony Associates Shares 7 Ways to Be Smarter When Using Credit Cards

Many people are under the impression that using credit cards is irresponsible. However, the truth is that with proper spending habits, using a credit card can improve your financial standing and build a healthy credit score. Read on for the best ways to make credit cards work for you. 1. Monitor Your Spending It’s easy […]

Nailing the Perfect Score: 5 Tips for Getting Ready to Take Your CPA Exam

Becoming a certified personal accountant opens many employment opportunities and can even allow a person to operate their own accounting business. There is one great hurdle that stands between an individual and certification and that is the exam. Before you take the exam, it is vital to learn some tips that will improve your score. […]

How The Wayfair Sales Tax Case Affects Online Business Transactions

Just when you assumed you couldn't despise taxes any more than you already do, the Wayfair sales tax case came along and changed that. After the ruling, the state of South Dakota can more easily enforce their state sales tax on e-commerce who don't live in South Dakota, many financial analysts are predicting that other […]

Pending Bill and No Money? Here's 4 Ways to Pay It Off Quickly

Sometimes finances can get a little tight, and when you have a pending bill and seemingly no way to pay it, you may have more options than you think. But when you find yourself struggling to be on time with any bill, you should first contact the billing company to see if you can get […]

Grand Canyon Advisors Discusses How To Budget In Retirement

Grand Canyon Advisors feel that you should be saving money and not giving everything you have to credit card companies. That's one of the main reasons they give financial advice to retirees who are worried about their financial future. Let's face it... Far too many retired citizens have anxiety about running out of money after […]

Golden State Partners Explains How To Properly Use Credit Cards When Traveling Abroad

Traveling out of the country is an adventure that can enrich your life: navigating through another country with a completely different language and experiencing another unique culture create unforgettable memories. However, when it comes to your management of finances while overseas you'll need to make some smart and practical steps in order to prevent your […]

How Excessive Chargebacks Negatively Impact Merchant Revenue

Chargebacks have been around since the advent of credit and debit cards. Occasionally real incidences of accidental purchases and fraud happen, but the trend towards buyers remorse and friendly-fraud makes it difficult to distinguish a justified chargeback or dispute. Reluctance of Merchants to Accept Cards for Purchases Developing a fear of chargebacks and potential chargebacks […]

4 Ways to Invest in Your 20s and 30s

Whether you have children or not, it's a good thing to be able to leave wealth behind. If you have children, you can set them up with a solid financial foundation. If you don't have children or family members to leave your wealth to, you can always donate to charities and causes that are really […]

How to Profit from Private Money Lending

Hard money lending, or private loans, might sound like an exotic investment vehicle but given the emerging risks in the market, an increasing number of investors are starting to turn to these instruments as a way to beat the market. If this sounds like a good place for you to park some of your money, […]

Timing Your Loan Repayments Optimally

Whilst there are many types of loans, they can all usually be placed into one of two categories: secured loans and unsecured loans. Secured loans are protected by an asset, whilst unsecured loans are not. For example, a house or a car could be a reasonable asset to use as collateral. However, whilst this may […]

How to Stay Motivated as an Self-Employed Individual

Self-employment is becoming more popular these days, as folks find relief in working for themselves. Of course, it can be difficult to be strict with yourself and hold yourself accountable for the work that needs to be done. Here are some factors to help you stay motivated no matter what is on your plate. Practice […]

Tuck Associates Discusses Why Americans Need to Stop Racking Up Credit Card Debt With a Recession Projected

According to the Economic Policy Institute, there is a good possibility that there will be a recession in the U.S. economy sometime in the next year and a half. Recession is when consumer spending shrinks, due to a lack of funds to spend, such as in the case of unemployment or under-employment. Business spending and […]

Tips For Dealing With A Debt Collector

The dubious actions of debt collection companies have caused financial uncertainty amongst many of their clients, who are struggling with huge debts already. The Financial Ombudsman made a statement about how these companies have breached their legal boundaries and are wrongfully exploiting vulnerable people. Despite the shoddy practices that many debt collectors have adopted, it […]

Punch Associates Discusses The Reasons Why Paying Off Debt Can Negatively Impact Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score seems like it should be a straightforward endeavor. You utilize your credit properly, pay what you must on time, check to see that everything’s accurate, and eventually, you’ll be rewarded with a credit score that is agreeable to any lender. In many ways, raising your credit score is simple enough, but […]

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