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Eligibility Criteria for a Criminal Pardon in Canada

Eligibility Criteria for a Criminal Pardon in Canada

Obtaining pardon for an accused person means that his criminal records will no longer be a barrier in his future life. However, not every accused person is eligible to get federal pardons.

In the recent years, some changes have been made for the process of record suspension or pardon. After getting Royal assent on the Bill C-10 in 2012, Criminal Record Act underwent certain amendments. Read on to know whether you’re eligible to apply for a pardon in Canada, as per the latest modifications introduced in it.

Who is Eligible to Submit Pardon Application?

Depending upon the crime you’ve committed, your waiting time period will be decided. If you have unlawful convictions upon you, you may have to wait for 10-years minimum. On the other hand, a summary offense calls for a waiting period of 5 years. Being charged with chargeable non-sexual offense means that you have to wait for 5 years to submit your application.

You will be granted pardon by the authorized body if you have remained decent after you have committed the offence. Apart from showing good behaviour, you have to make it evident that after receiving the pardon, you will continue to remain a law-abiding individual. The nature of offence also is taken into consideration while taking decisions. Your consultant has to contact many professionals to make your request processing faster. National Parole Board, local police, the court are some of the areas where the consultant has to make a strong network. Pardon process actually goes through different stages. Canada Pardon Services give special emphasis to the data of the applicant.

Prior to submitting your application, you should double-check it. Make sure that you have answered all the questions properly and the documents that they have demanded are attached with it.

Who is Ineligible for a Pardon?

Federal pardons are denied to the person who has done some kind of sexual offense to a minor. If you have more than 4 indictable charges upon you, each comes with more than 2-years jail, you will be considered ineligible to apply for a record suspension. In case, you have committed one more crime after submitting the application, then the regulatory bodies will reject your request. If such is the case, then you will require submitting another application for the same. Your pardon can also be revoked if you have written any false statement in your application.

Even if you have committed more than one crime, a single application will work. Once you obtain pardon, all your criminal offences will be removed from the ICCP. Include the fee of $631 while sending the application. If you don’t include the money, then the Parole Board will reject your application straight away. As the waiting period starts with the imposition of sentence by the court, the sooner you apply for the request, the quicker you are likely to get the pardon.

Discussing with the consultant will help you greatly in the process. So, try to get in touch with a renowned consultant who can guide you efficiently at every step.

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