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Facts That You Should Know About Olymp Trade Brazil

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Olymp Trade is an online digital broker platform launched in 2014.

Though relatively new in the financial market, it allows users to trade in a variety of assets ranging from stocks, indices, Forex to cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of Olymp Trade is largely attributed to its accommodative nature as it is designed with all types of traders in mind, from the beginners looking to get a taste of the market, to the experienced traders.

From their website, Olymp Trade is owned and operated by Smartex International LTD. Smartex is a financial company with headquarters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Olymp Trade also has a registered agent in Cyprus, though they started it as a Russian broker.

Now, if you've been thinking of investing in Olymp Trade, you've probably had your doubts. With so many options to choose from, it can be quite challenging to pick the right platform. However, with our BinOptionen's Olymp Trade review below, we shall explore all the facts that you should know about Olymp Trade Brazil.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will no longer sit on the fence on whether to register with Olymp Trade.

  1. Olymp Trade is a Secure platform for trading

There is usually a lot of doubt especially with new entrants in the financial market. Given that Olymp Trade is relatively new, having been existence less than five years, it's understandable why many investors and traders would be wary of the platform.

The good news, however, is Olymp Trade is a secure trading platform thanks to the certification by FinaCom, a dispute resolution company.

In case of a conflict with the broker, traders can contact FinaCom for a solution.

According to FinaCom, the commission’s compensation fund is up to €20,000 per case.

Olymp Trade’s FinaCom membership goes ahead to show the commitment the broker has to provide quality services and professionalism in handling client dispute.

  1. Olymp Trade is Available in More than 22 Countries

Olymp Trade is a global trading platform available in more than 22 countries. Some of the countries where this trading broker is available include:

  • Brazil
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Nigeria
  • Indonesia
  • Cyprus
  • Seychelles

Beyond availability in multiple countries, Olymp Trade platform is available in six different countries, thus catering to the various language need of traders.

  1. Olymp Trade Offer Generous Bonuses

Although this broker does not offer plenty of attractive incentives, they occasionally reward their clients with bonuses from time to time. The bonuses are in addition to the rewards for referrals.

The higher the deposit, the higher the bonus. Here a breakdown of the deposit amount, bonus remuneration:

  • A deposit between 30-99 USD attracts 10% bonus
  • A deposit between 100-299 USD attracts 20% bonus
  • A deposit between 300-4999 USD attracts 30% bonus
  • A deposit of more than 5,000 USD attracts 50% bonus

However, the bonus amount is credited once your amount reaches zero, which is quite weird. Also, any withdrawal request results to the cancellation of the bonus.

  1. High Return on Investment

Olymp Trade has a fairly high amount of return on investment and will guarantee traders a minimum of 80%, which is a pretty high standard.

With a standard account, for instance, traders are guaranteed a return investment of 82%, which is quite a competitive offering.

The VIP account, which is a step-up to the standard account offers a high return investment of a whopping 92% for the maximum benefit.

  1. Olymp Trade Allows Traders to Practice Trading Strategies

A major highlight of Olymp Trade is the presence of a resource center.

The resource center, a feature sporting 56 educational webinars alongside 20 strategies and trend lessons offers wealth information regarding trading on the platform.

The educational aspect on the platform is further boosted on the VIP account as it will allow one on one training and private webinars.

Beyond the resource center, Olymp Trade offers a Demo account to anyone that registers on the site. The Demo account is further loaded with $10,000 virtual money for traders to practice trading.

  1. Olymp Trade Allows Trading Bitcoins

Olymp Trade has been upping the ante in terms of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading.

At the moment, the broker offers CFDs and other types of options on more than 12 of the leading tokens.

However, since the digital market options are relatively new, the trading conditions are not thoroughly explained.

  1. Olymp Trade Offers Plenty of Tools

Olymp Trade is a unique broker offering a slew of tools. Some candlesticks charts offer several time frames and indicators to choose from.

Some of the tools include RSI, MACD, SMA and Stochastic Oscillator.

To access these tools, you only need to click on the “Technical analysis” tab, and this will grant you access to a fully functional candlestick which will allow you to perform a myriad of tasks.


Olymp Trade is a trustworthy and reliable trading platform designed to cater to all your trading needs.

It’s not a surprise that this broker is causing ripples within the financial market.

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