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New Fintech Group on Facebook - Join Us!

Fintech Group

Join The Fintech Group Conversation on Facebook.

Announcement: The Lending Mag is moderating a new Fintech group on Facebook, our aim is to build the largest and most active community of Fintech fans on FB.

This group was created so that we can learn from each other, teach one another, network, inform and even entertain one another. The Fintech group is a great place to get and give peer-to-peer lending/borrowing tips and advice, discuss new startups in Fintech, introduce new technology, talk about bitcoin and everything else related to the fast-growing niche. Come join and share Fintech-related articles in the group, it's already off to a great start!

The group is well-moderated.

Spammers are being handled appropriately, faceless Facebook accounts will not be accepted into the community.

If you think you'd fit in well with this type of Fintech group...

Join our community here:

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