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Franchise Lending: ApplePie Capital CEO Feels Confident About The Promising Crowdfunding Niche

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Sophisticated investors — or investors who are deemed to have sufficient investing experience to weigh the risks of an investing opportunity, based on federal standards — can then invest at least $1,000 to purchase fractional shares to fund a loan.

The loans can be attractive investments, Thomas said, because they provide a yield that investors can’t get buying bonds right now, given perpetually low interest rates. “These are good yields for investors,” she said. “None of us are getting good returns on cash in our accounts.

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Editor’s Notes:

  • The San Francisco-based startup named ApplePie Capital had its official launch last week, creating a marketplace-lending program for franchises.
  • ApplePie judges companies' creditworthiness based on their past financial performance history and the health of the brand’s operators.
  • CEO of ApplePie, Denise Thomas, firmly believes that there is a huge market for a business that caters to the loan needs of franchises.

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