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LendingRobot Extends Reach into SMB Marketplace Lending, Adds Funding Circle to its Platform

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Investors can now use LendingRobot’s automated investing technology to invest on Funding Circle’s small business loan marketplace


There's big news coming out of the financial technology world. We've recently come to learn that Funding Circle is partnering with LendingRobot in order to allow peer-to-peer loan investors to set automated investment strategies on Funding Circle's small business loan marketplace. The new functionality turns LendingRobot into a one-stop, fully automated marketplace solution across multiple marketplaces including Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace.

The key details about the partnership are outlined below in the press release.

November 20, 2015 - Seattle, Washington – LendingRobot, the world’s first automated investment service for peer lending, today announced a partnership with Funding Circle in the United States, expanding the reach of LendingRobot’s automated investment technology beyond consumer loans and into small business lending.

Through the integration, individual investors using LendingRobot can set automated investment strategies for Funding Circle’s marketplace based on an extensive set of loan filtering criteria, and leverage the unified platform to manage their investments across multiple marketplaces, including Funding Circle.

“Introducing Funding Circle to the LendingRobot family of platforms demonstrates that our algorithmic investment strategies are extensible beyond consumer credit,” said LendingRobot CEO Emmanuel Marot. “The growth of peer lending as an investment vehicle is naturally encouraging an increase in the number and size of focused, vertical marketplaces. What we are building with this partnership is a unified view of all the major aspects of peer lending for investors, making LendingRobot the single solution for robo-advising in well-established marketplaces.”

 LendingRobot offers investors fully automated, one-click investing across diverse vertical marketplaces, coupled with transparent analytics. Peer lending offers optimal performance when investors deploy their cash over hundreds or thousands of different loans, across multiple marketplaces. This diversification strategy reduces risk while helping to deliver returns that surpass traditional fixed income investments.

 LendingRobot now offers automated trading across Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace, helping individual investors achieve greater simplicity and diversification in their investment portfolio. The service is free up to $5,000 in managed assets and 0.45% per year above that amount.

 LendingRobot is open to any individual accredited investor, marking the first time high net worth investors have a custom created robo-advising solution in the peer lending space.

 Funding Circle investors who want to leverage LendingRobot’s high-speed investment services to help intellectually manage their portfolio should visit the LendingRobot website to link their account(s), or contact the customer support team at

 About LendingRobot:

LendingRobot is a fully automated investment service for peer lending, including platforms such as Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper. After signing up for a LendingRobot account, investors select their risk tolerance and enable LendingRobot to instantly make investments on their behalf. Based in Seattle, Washington, LendingRobot has raised $3 million in Series A funding led by Runa Capital.

Press Contact in the US:

Gregg Delman

Phone: 415.935.1804


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