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How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Technophobes appreciate huge backup storage for all their files that most of them depend on hard drives. However, there is a possibility to lose everything in just a snap unlike with cloud storage that offers better security. It might be more expensive but actually a good investment especially for IT experts and businesses. 

With Backblaze, a trusted storage cloud in today’s market, you can keep a variety of files safely. It won’t break your pocket like the other cloud storage options. 

Having big storage can fit more and more important data vital for future uses. It brings peace of mind knowing your files are secured. Cloud storage has also made easier access to the files using various devices with safety in mind. 

Perhaps you have no idea about how cloud storage works, here are its functions you will take benefit of. 

Four Unique Features of Backblaze’s Cloud Storage 

  1. Low-Cost Backup Solution

Backblaze can protect unlimited files and yet very affordable compared to other online backup services. It is suitable for personal and business uses that guarantee better file protection without breaking your pocket. 

Backblaze is a reliable backup solution that is trusted by many companies since the beginning. Backing up your data requires a variety of costs depending on your needs. Price starts from two dollars per month and not more than 200 bucks. 

  1. Unlimited Storage

When we hear cloud storage, we assume unlimited protection for any files. It is true enough with Backblaze, regardless of the file size. It boasts an exabyte or quintillion bytes of storage which can hold a lot of data you could never imagine. 

This feature comes with unlimited backup speeds and external drives to provide the best service possible. 

  1. Has Wider Technical Support

Backblaze is ready to back up your devices of any type. That means it can access wherever you store your files, with great security in mind. It also suits small to large enterprises aiming for a better file security system. 

  1. Has Restore and Access Function 

One of the main reasons why businesses use cloud storage is to enjoy secured access over old and new files. Restore and access function has two price options that depend on your level of storage needed. It includes the use of a flash drive or hard drive by which the latter has to offer more data storage and so a bit pricier. 

It allows users to access files through a smartphone or iPad. Backblaze ensures to protect your data 24/7 with the trusted data centers. The team uses a two-factor authentication when signing in to prevent any unwanted events. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum it all up, Backblaze’s cloud storage is a great investment to better secure your files. It is less expensive and easier to manage than other online backup storage. Keeping larger files is now more possible and certain not to lose anything at any moment. Contact Backblaze services to obtain backup services for your business.

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