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Cover Your Damages Beforehand: Get Collision Insurance

if i have comprehensive car insurance

"I never worry if I have comprehensive car insurance or not with belairdirect." - Dave Perry

I've been there before, wondering if I have comprehensive car insurance or not. Look... Accidents happen, and we have to deal with the consequences of them. With car accidents, those consequences can range anywhere from annoying to devastating. Waiting until after an accident to get typical car insurance coverage for your car and any other damage involved does not work. It is important to get an insurance policy for your vehicle that covers collision before it’s too late.

What Does Collision Insurance Do If I have Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Collision coverage is part of your insurance that helps to pay for repairs on your car in the event of damages caused by an accident or replace it if the accident results in a total loss. With a collision policy, accidents can mean anything from reparations caused by a vehicle-to-vehicle crash to damages incurred if you drive into a fence or a tree falls on your car.

These coverages can vary from policy to policy, and your deductibles can range as well. If your car is paid off and your state does not require it, collision coverage insurance can be optional. For most lenders, a financed car is required to have enough collision coverage to pay off the balance of the loan, no need to wonder if you have comprehensive car insurance.

However, collision insurance does not generally cover damage to another person’s vehicle, weather-related damage (like hurricane or hail), medical bills, or theft. Ask your insurer for specific details about your policy.

What Happens if You Are In an Accident Without Collision Coverage?

In most states, lack of collision coverage will not cause you to receive a fine in the event of an accident. But if your car is damaged and the accident is your fault, you will have to pay for the car damages yourself. In most cases this runs in the thousands of dollars and often the car is totaled. These costs will have to come from your pocket before your car can be fixed.

Collision coverage gives you peace of mind that regardless of who is at fault or how much damage is done to your car, you will be able to have it fixed at a price that is affordable to you (your deductible). No stressing yourself out wondering "If I have Comprehensive Car Insurance", you'll be all set.

if I have comprehensive car insurance - typical car insurance coverage

Belairdirect is MORE than your typical car insurance coverage

Where Can You Get Collision Insurance?

Your insurance company can provide you the information you need to decide whether collision insurance is right for you, how much coverage you should carry, and what your deductible should be based on how much you can reasonably afford in the event of an accident with typical car insurance coverage.

Many reputable insurance companies, like belairdirect collision insurance, provide an all-in-one online experience where you can shop around, compare prices and coverage, even access your policy and claim information in one convenient place. The question of "If I have comprehensive car insurance or not?" will be a thing of the past.

Is Collision Coverage Right For You?

If your car is leased or financed, you likely do not have a choice. In this case, you need to decide how much your deductible should be and who to carry a policy with.

If your car is paid off, you can choose whether you can safely pay for a new car in the event your car is damaged or totaled, or if paying a little extra each month for collision coverage is worth the peace of mind of knowing the price you’ll pay for an accident is not going to be out of your reach.

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