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How to Increase your Income When Overworking is No Longer an Option

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You'll rarely meet a person who is totally content with their monthly income. People are always hungry for more, so the search for new profit generating endeavors begins. Below you can see a few recommendations on how to expand your budget without overworking and staying late in the office. These tips may not help you make quick and easy money but they do help you find way to steady extra income.

Create an Online Course, Workshop or Webinar.

There are many copywriters, top managers, professors, and IT experts who raise good profit creating online courses, a series of workshops, or webinars to engage more people, get views, and earn paid subscriptions. For instance, an average Udemy instructor can earn up to $7000 from running their own "MOOCs" (massive, open, online courses). It is true that such courses can help some people acquire new important insights for a challenging project or even enhance skills in a particular issue. The difficulty is aboutin creating such knowledge-based material. It takes a lot of time to create and edit a high-quality video with assignments and other training materials. Some instructors who have a couple of MOOCs can afford hiring a special crew to have their videos professionally shot and edited. However, other educational course-related material like assignments should be created from scratch and bring particular value for students.

Create Your Own Blog or Q&A Profile to Share Your Expertise.

If you don't feel ready yet to create your own MOOC on Coursera or Udemy, then it is better to start marketing with your own Quora profile or blog. Q&A platforms like Quora,, Yahoo! Answers are perfect places to generate your first promotional experience. For example, as of March 2017 190 million learners monthly visit Quora to find or place particular answers. Therefore, if you demonstrate your active position timely delivering concise and straight-to-the-point answers you will soon have a well-marketed profile. Blogging, on the other hand, is another step you should make along with promoting your profile on the Q&A platforms.

Join The Community of Online Tutors.

Perhaps, this option can help you raise daily profit ranging from $30-$50 to $300 (pricing as seen on Preply) in case you are ready to spend from 1 to 6 hours teaching students from different corners of the world. Today Skype tutoring is a widespread revenue-generating method among people who have the part-time occupation and fancy teaching. For those who are employed full-time, tutoring becomes more complicated since they will be able to give one or two lessons after work. Taking more lessons will result in worse preparation and plausible exhaustion by the end of the week.

Become a Vlogger on YouTube or Vimeo

Vlogging is mostly associated with fashion or traveling videos, however, there are millions of channels of instructional and educational character. People publish free videos teaching others languages, how to cook, play the guitar, how to raise children, or do yoga, etc. Yet, it is not easy to get even the first thousand of views since your video can be abandoned in just 10 seconds after the start. The thing is that people are overwhelmed with plenty of information from social media networks and when they get to the channel that doesn’t match their expectations, they simply choose another one because there are many competitors in vlogging. Thus, you should work out your marketing strategy first and be ready to change it according to the reaction of the audience and your competitors’ offers.

Start Your Own Business, Start-Up, etc.

An average startup in Silicon Valley can be worth of $1 billion, however, to replicate such a success you have to come up with an amazing IT brainchild and gather a good team of professionals who will help to develop your business. Of course, it can be a company completely unrelated to IT industry, yet the main principal will be the same. To start and manage potentially prospering business, a person should be capable of marketing the right audience with the top quality product or solution beating competitors with a unique selling proposition. At the beginning, as a business owner, you will have to participate and control all the production stages such as planning, designing, producing, delivering, etc. Soon afterward, you will be able to employ some experts responsible for the separate business processes in your company.

In Conclusion

You can find even more ways to enlarge your monthly budget utilizing numerous online tools. Before making a choice consider your own skills and time you will have to allocate. For instance creating MOOCs or vlogging needs some extra technical skills too. And if it’s not your strong side, you should additionally invest in mastering a set of tools for video creation and editing. Thus, to generate revenue from a particular online activity, you should prepare to it studying the best practices of those who found a balanced formula of success.

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