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Led by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Beats Offshore IT Vendors

Software development requires significant expenses, especially in the financial sector. Offshore outsourcing and outstaffing help startups and financial incumbents reduce the share of IT expenses. However, this tradeoff often comes with a price. Miscommunication leads to missed deadlines that cause reputational and financial damage. In worst-case scenarios, projects fail long before their release dates.

Headed by Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies offers a viable alternative to offshore software development vendors for the FinTech industry. The benefits of engaging a professional US-based team outweigh the extra expenses and pay off in the long run.

What Can You Expect from Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies?

Unlike most offshore IT vendors, BUT is a well-known entity with over ten years of market experience. Cooperation with this team guarantees:

  • Intuitive user interface and smooth user experience design for customer area, including dashboards, analytical tools, and reports.

  • High-performance online trading platforms that can withstand significant load and scale up to accommodate more users whenever necessary.

  • Informative and stylish websites for financial businesses that rely on the latest trends and advances in Internet technology.

What Makes Boston Unisoft Better Than Offshore IT Vendors?

Nine of ten software development projects are never finished, and only one in a hundred succeeds after launch. The failures commonly occur because of miscommunication between the client and the IT vendor. Cultural and national differences are among the critical issues financial businesses encounter when dealing with offshore teams. Even a lengthy national holiday, such as a Chinese New Year, can ruin the development schedule and cause significant losses. As a US-based company, Boston Unisoft comes with no cultural surprises and unexpected holidays.

The time difference can also be a notable hindrance to establishing an efficient communication framework with the offshore IT vendor. When the business owner and the development team are ten hours apart, scheduling video conferences can become a nightmare. As a result, you cannot track the team’s progress in real time, deliver new requirements, or learn of the occurring roadblocks promptly. Located in Boston, Unisoft Technologies headquarters solve these issues and enable you to communicate with the development team on your schedule.

Offshore teams often require an external project manager to stay on track and meet the project goals. Some vendors forego business analysts’ services and cannot muster a systems requirements specification. As a result, business owners have to micromanage the whole development process, from discovery to launch and feedback assessment. BUT employs a full complement of IT experts that can tackle a FinTech project of any nature and see it through with little input from you. Established project management framework and development workflow ensure all members of the team stay on track without constant supervision and external motivation.

Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies’ founder, considers financial software products to be the future of the industry, despite their slow adoption. Through BUT, Mr. Belogour lends his substantial trading experience to the cause of creating fast, user-friendly, and efficient solutions that will share the FinTech landscape.


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