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LendIt USA Conference 2015 Video

The Lendit USA conference was a huge success, boasting over 2000 attendees. The video below has over 4 hours of eye-opening interviews that highlight the bright future of P2P lending in the U.S. and abroad.

There were a ton of featured speakers from various Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, including: Renaud Laplanche (Founder & CEO of LendingClub), Lawrence H. Summers (Economist, Former U.S. Treasury Secretary), Ron Suber (President of Prosper Marketplace), Noah Breslow (CEO of OnDeck), Karen Gordon Mills (Former Administrator of U.S. Small Business Administration), Greg Gibb (Chairman & CEO Lufax), Sam Hodges (Co-Founder & U.S. Managing Director at Funding Circle), Nigel Morris (Managing Partner of QED Investors), Scott Sanborn (COO of Lending Club), Aaron Vermut (CEO of Prosper Marketplace) and many more.... Watch the video now.

Signature Keynote by Renaud Laplanche

LendIt USA is the largest conference series dedicated to connecting the global online lending community. LendIt hosts three conferences per year in the USA, Europe, and China. LendIt USA is the peer-to-peer lending industry's annual flagship conference and brings together every major online lending platform from around the world. LendIt Europe and LendIt China are regional conferences that allow attendees to explore those markets in greater detail. Financial innovators, investors and pioneers from all over the world attend LendIt for an opportunity to learn from market leaders, form key business alliances, and showcase and launch industry-moving products and services. LendIt USA conference is the must attend conference series for anyone conducting business within the online lending community.

The LendIt USA conference is a must-attend event for anyone looking to keep up with peer-to-peer lending industry trends and engage in rich in-person interactions with peer lending industry leaders. LendIt attendees are from nearly every financial field, including private wealth managers, institutional investors,family offices, select members of the financial media, individual investors and industry participants.

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