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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Cheaper to Run

home energy efficiency

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient? The cost of utility bills continues to rise year upon year, leaving many people now worried about how they’re going to afford to keep themselves comfortable during the winter.

The good news is, there are ways you can make your home more efficient and cheaper to run and below, you’ll discover just some of them.

Replace Old Appliances

If your appliances haven’t been updated in a while, they could be using up more energy than you realize. These days, appliances are designed to be energy efficient due to the ever-present threat of global warming.

Practically all white goods come with an energy efficiency rating. Replacing those old appliances such as your fridge freezer, could save you up to £60 each year in energy costs. That’s just one appliance. Imagine how much savings you could make if you were to replace all of your inefficient appliances with newer, more efficient ones.

Insulate The Roof

One thing that’s going to make a major difference to the energy efficiency of the home is insulation. Loft, wall and floor insulation can save you hundreds of pounds a year in the long-term. It helps to minimise the amount of heat lost in the home, reducing the amount of time you need to have the heating on.

As well as insulation, you could also consider replacing your ceiling tiles. Commercial style tiles such as the ones sold by Insulation Giant, are constructed from recycled materials and they are designed to reflect light back into the room. This means, you won’t need to use as much artificial lighting, saving you money throughout the year.

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

You’ll find switching to energy efficient lightbulbs is one of the most common tips provided when it comes to making the home more energy efficient. However, it’s also one of the tips which is largely ignored. The sheer amount of energy you could save by switching to LED bulbs for example, is remarkable. So, if you make just one change, make sure you replace your current fluorescent bulbs to LED ones.

If you make any of the changes above, you’ll see impressive annual savings. There are so many ways to ensure your home is more energy efficient these days so there’s no good reason why you should be wasting energy and draining your budget!

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