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Manage Your Lending Club Accounts Directly from LendingRobot

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If you invest in peer-to-peer loans through one of the two major U.S. p2p lending companies, you probably already know about LendingRobot. If you don't know about this company yet, you probably should.

LendingRobot fully automates investing in thousands of small loans on Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace in order to help retail investors get access to loans before they are snatched up by institutional investors as well as earn superior returns at lower risk.

They aim to make life easier for peer-to-peer lending investors and their most recent announcement shows that they are continuing to do so.

LendingRobot & Lending Club Collaboration

Today LendingRobot announced a new feature developed in collaboration with Lending Club, that allows new p2p investment clients to open and manage their Lending Club account directly from LendingRobot.

No more back-and-forth between the two websites, API enabling, copying of credentials, double reports or the like.

If you would like to actually see this in practice, there is a video demonstration below.

This new functionality turns LendingRobot into a fully automated marketplace lending solution, the first of its kind. And the fact that it's through a unique partnership with Lending Club, the U.S. p2p loan leader, is a real vote of confidence for LendingRobot's capabilities.

For current LendingRobot clients, since you already have set up your Lending Club/LendingRobot accounts, this is probably not a big deal for you! But since it's easier to start investing in marketplace lending now, you can be more successful at inviting people. Which in turn will increase the amount that LendingRobot manages for free on your account.

Other Recent Improvements From Lending Robot

LendingRobot has been very proactive in improving their product for peer-to-peer loan investors. Besides a cleaner look, they have re-designed their entire website to provide a much simpler experience for newcomers and an easier way to access the most useful features for experienced users.

Among the notable improvements are:

  • A new, default 'Fully Automated' mode, that allows investors to simply define a risk profile on their slider bar (Conservative vs. Aggressive) and let LendingRobot do everything else. Since current clients may already have defined custom rules or the like, the accounts remained in 'Advanced mode' by default. But user can now switch to the Fully Automated mode at any time they wish.
  • For advanced users, there is now a dedicated page to edit each investment rule, making it much easier to manage investment strategies with numerous rules.

One last word: Over the last few months Lending Robot has really focused their efforts on the on-boarding experience for new users. Now, they've stated that their new focus is on improving the experience/investment returns for their existing clients, so if you're using their auto-investment service, stay tuned for the upcoming improvement as they strive to make your investments more beneficial than ever.

Creating a Lending Club Account from Lending Robot Demo Video

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