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Money Memes From The Lending Mag

Do you enjoy money memes and comedy? Good.

We at The Lending Mag enjoy more than informing you about peer-to-peer lending, we like to have a few laughs too. You already know that if you've checked our "Broke as a Joke" Tumblr account. There is a link to that account at the bottom of this page, but for now, enjoy some of the funny financial jokes, images and memes down below.


broke but buying new cell phones


money makes the world go round

In our opinion, every great newspaper or magazine has a comic section, and The Lending mag is no different. Feel free to share these money memes and jokes with your friends on your social accounts. If you have a Tumblr account you can see much more of the lighter side of The Lending Mag at "Broke as a Joke", or financial humor blog.

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