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Nailing the Perfect Score: 5 Tips for Getting Ready to Take Your CPA Exam

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Becoming a certified personal accountant opens many employment opportunities and can even allow a person to operate their own accounting business. There is one great hurdle that stands between an individual and certification and that is the exam. Before you take the exam, it is vital to learn some tips that will improve your score.

5 Tips for Preparing for the CPA Exam

Preparing for the CPA exam is crucial for those who want to be able to pass and become certified. Being prepared will make the test questions less stressful to answer and will help to ensure a passing grade is achieved so the test does not have to be taken again in the future.

1. A CPA Exam Review Course helps students to fully prepare for their CPA exam. It offers courses that help individuals to learn the information they need for successfully passing the exam. It also offers over 60 hours of instructional videos that are essential for refreshing a person's memory on what they have learned.

2. It takes a lot of studying to prepare for the CPA exam. The more resources you have available to you, the better the chances of being able to pass the 16-hour long test you must take to become a certified personal accountant. Without a lot of studying and review, there is a greater risk of failure.

3. You should plan on taking the exam as soon as possible after you graduate from your coursework. Waiting too long to take the test will cause you to forget things you have learned. The sooner the test is taken, the fresher the memories will be in your mind. Remember: you must pass all sections of the examination within an eighteen-month time window.

4. CPA exams require a lot of studying, but most people feel it is worth the effort. The average CPA salary in the United States is around $119,000 so make sure to study hard so you will be prepared to pass. Note cards can help you quiz yourself and work towards retaining the information you need.

5. The CPA exam is given in four sections with each lasting four hours. This is a tiring test so it is important a person is well-rested when they attempt to take any section of the exam. It is also important to make sure you have eaten a healthy breakfast on the day of the exam.

Study Tips for the CPA Exam

The CPA exam is not an easy test. This is not a test that should ever be entered lightly. The following are some study tips that will help to ensure you are able to shine on exam day.

· Give yourself around eight weeks per section for study time.

· Try to remove as many distractions as possible.

· Your focus should be studying for those eight weeks.

· Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared.

How Long Will It Take for the Scores to Come Back?

Most people who take the CPA exam want to know their score as soon as possible. The scores are typically available within twenty-four hours, but they may not be immediately released to students. There is typically a score release schedule that is followed and students must have their test scored before the cutoff date or wait until the next release to learn their score.


With the above tips, passing your CPA exam will be much easier and less stressful. Take time to study and review as much as possible so you will be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

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