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Refinance Student Loans- Credible & NerdWallet Partner to Help You

Refinance Student Loans

Are you looking to refinance student loans? If so, you will be very happy to hear about two businesses that are aiming to make that happen for you. Your efforts to refinance student loans will now be much more effective.

A couple of weeks ago NerdWallet announced it has partnered with Credible to help college graduates take control of their financial future by determining whether student loan refinancing is right for them.

Through this partnership, NerdWallet's 30 million-plus users can quickly and easily find out how much money they could save by refinancing their student loans and receive personalized, firm offers of credit from nearly a dozen reputable lenders.

"Student loans — the fastest-growing type of debt in the U.S. — are crippling the finances of many Americans. NerdWallet wants to empower graduates to successfully repay their debt," said Henry Hsu, General Manager of Growth and New Markets at NerdWallet. "Refinancing can be a great option for some, yet less than 2% of estimated eligible student loans have been refinanced. We're proud to bring the power of Credible's leading marketplace to our users, while giving graduates clarity around a confusing process."

Now, college graduates looking to refinance student loans have a single destination where they can determine whether refinancing is right for them and then tap into the power of the lending marketplace to get the best student loan refinance rates. Leveraging Credible's integrated student loan refinancing tool, borrowers can fill out a single form and receive personalized offers from multiple lenders offering to refinance student loans, enabling borrowers to determine which student loan offer is best for their individual financial situation. By combining content with visibility into actual rates and terms, graduates are empowered to make well-informed decisions.

"Through Credible and our partnership with NerdWallet, graduates can easily compare personalized student loan refinancing options, rather than rate ranges or marketed rates, the same way they can compare exact flight information on Kayak or Expedia," said Stephen Dash, CEO of Credible. "As the student loan debt crisis continues to escalate, we look forward to a long-term partnership with NerdWallet that empowers consumers to take control of their financial future."

About Credible - Refinance Student Loans

Credible simplifies the confusing and arduous process of obtaining student loans and student loan refinancing. Its powerful platform provides a level of transparency for borrowers looking to refinance student loans that was previously nonexistent. Through Credible, borrowers looking to refinance student loans receive personalized loan offers from multiple lenders and can compare their options to choose which loan option best fits their individual student loan refinance needs. Credible is fiercely independent, committed to ensuring that borrowers can make fully informed financial decisions and refinance student loans while being fully informed.

About NerdWallet - Refinance Student Loans

NerdWallet gives consumers clarity around key financial decisions at every stage of their lives. When it comes to credit cards, insurance, loans, looking to refinance student loans or expenses such as hospital costs, consumers make almost all their decisions in the dark. NerdWallet is changing that, helping guide consumers' decisions with free, accessible tools, research and expert advice that can't be found anywhere else.


Check out this educational video from NerdWallet about how submitting a FAFSA application is the only way you’ll receive any type of federal financial aid, including Pell grants and federal loans.

If you are looking to refinance student loans and more student loan options online you can also look into companies like Avant for student loans at very low rates.

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