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The Rise of Wealth Management: What is it and How Can it Help Your Business?

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While the debate the potential implications of Brexit continue to rage, such partisan discussions often miss the point concerning the UK's departure from the EU. After all, it is the uncertainty that is placing the single most significant burden on the UK, and this is likely to continue at least until negotiations with the European Parliament have been concluded.

This is why an estimated one-in-five larger SMEs have declared that they will not borrow money until the outcome of the referendum vote has finally become clear (and why the growth of the immediate future of the economy remains so precariously placed). 

Introducing Wealth Management and What It Can Do for Your Business 

With this in mind, the concept of wealth management is likely to become central to successful businesses in the months ahead. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is essentially a professional service that combines a number of alternative factors, from financial planning and investment advice to forensic accounting and tax repayments. In short, it creates a viable strategy that can effectively manage all financial aspects of your business, creating a seamless approach that simultaneously reduces costs and optimises profits.

The nuances of wealth management are also interesting, as they offer a number of hidden advantages to business-owners. Firstly, it is possible to outsource wealth management to industry leaders such as Sanlam, who collate expertise from numerous financial experts and coordinate this to create an actionable strategy. This is also presented through a single platform, making it easier for you to manage your finances and consolidate during challenging financial times.

Secondly, wealth management exposes you to potentially new opportunities in the financial marketplace. After all, the market is constantly expanding to deliver a diverse array of derivatives and asset classes to investors, some of which can provide returns even during in a depreciating climate (such as currency). Wealth managers can quickly identify these and share them with you, enabling you to actively build wealth that can be subsequently reinvested into your businesses infrastructure.

The Last Word: Understanding the Potential & Limits of Wealth Management

There are limits to wealth management, of course, with much depending on your businesses needs and the nature of the service providers that you partner with. Your circumstances may also require you to seek out specialist wealth managers who operate in a specific area, particularly if you have a singular focus that relates to complex disciplines such as investment. 

Unlike corporate broking, wealth management also does not have the capacity to provide you with a line of credit or capital, but it does provide you with in-depth analysis of the economy and strategic insight. In fact, wealth management goes further by covering elements such as accounting and taxation, and this can prove invaluable for new and green start-ups that are looking to reduce costs.

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