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Sole Traders: Factors To Consider When Making Financial Decisions

financial decisions

Many sole traders are usually concerned about effective marketing to attract more customers. However, it is very important for sole traders to give more attention to the financial aspect of their business. As a sole trader, you should remember that cash flow is an essential part of a successful business; you need money to re-invest in the business, keep the stock coming and pay employees for services offered.

Traders with proper financial habits can keep track of their money and thus are able to keep their businesses running, as compared to business owners who are less concerned with money management. At its most primal level, money in your business can either be income or expenses. When more money is coming in than going out, you are in profit but if it is vice versa, then you have some financial improvements to make.

Here are factors to consider when making financial decisions as a sole trader.

Your business model

A well-created and complete business model should help you understand how much money you need for your start-up. Your business model determines how much goes where and at what time. Ensure that your business model indicates your operating costs (rent, staff, electricity), estimated potential customers, business limitations (space, working hours) and Industrial metrics.

Therefore, it is wise to confirm with your business model, before making any major financial decision. For instance, it will be a risk to take more money from the business if you are already operating at a loss (expenses are more than income). If you think a new investment in something like an advertisement, ensure that the expense will improve business and cover past losses.


Your budget is derived from the business model. Now that you know how much you are expected to invest and how much you want as profit, you can make a budget. Budgets help us plan expenditure and set profit goals.

Accountable sole traders will always keep a track of their budgets, just to make sure no coin is out of the budget. Although a small adjustment in the budget might seem insignificant at the moment, regular abuse of your business budget can leave you in a hot, financial mess. The best thing is to avoid making decisions that hurt your budget, all together.

Keep your money safely and track it

Even with written or digital records of money transactions in the business, it will still get confusing if you are banking your company money with personal funds. Just to make thins easier, open a separate trader account where you can store all business cash.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to operate a trader bank account, with traditional banking institutions. Sometimes, they will ask you for documents that you do not currently have, take too long to respond or require you to pass credit checks. If you want a more personally handled Sole trader bank account, try out dependable and secure online trader banking solutions where you can manage money in a way that works for you and your business.

With a good financial plan you will avoid running out of both business and personal money. Remember to always manage and pay your small business taxes, for smooth operation.

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