Peer-to-Peer Lending Is Alive & Stronger Than Ever

  From - A short while ago, I pronounced P2P lending dead. Annihilated. Massacred by Wall Street bankers. Choked by a Black Rock. Then, I heard from Dara Albright, co-founder of LendIt, the largest peer-to-peer lending conference in the world. She said she had found a pulse. I didn't believe her. I put my […]

LendIt USA Conference 2015 Video

The Lendit USA conference was a huge success, boasting over 2000 attendees. The video below has over 4 hours of eye-opening interviews that highlight the bright future of P2P lending in the U.S. and abroad. There were a ton of featured speakers from various Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, including: Renaud Laplanche (Founder & CEO of LendingClub), […]

LendingRobot Gives Retail Investors A Fighting Chance For The Best Loans

From - The problem that LendingRobot has set out to solve is an interesting one, and shines a little light on the way P2P lending has already matured. Using what it calls “high-speed automation software and machine-learning algorithms”, the service helps investors automate the lending process, based on pre-selected criteria, so that LendingRobot is […]

Expert Panel of Peer-to-Peer Lending Pros Reveal Best 3 Investing Tips

From - Think you need to know everything about peer-to-peer lending in order to invest successfully and earn great returns? You don't. THIRTY peer-to-peer lending experts share their best 3 investing tips in this special edition article below. You will learn from the best minds in the finance and P2P industry about the actions they see as absolutely critical for successful investments. P2P lending […]

How P2P Lending Could Shake Traditional Consumer Lending To Its Core

From - What’s attributing to this business model’s success and popularity? Investors have been able to turn a profit from debt-related investments like asset-backed securities and bonds for decades and borrowers have had access to personal loans and credit for even longer. So why P2P? The answer may lie in disintermediation, or the removal […]

Lending Club Continues To Make Power Moves, Partners With BancAlliance

From -  BancAlliance was founded in 2011 as a collaborative solution for community banks to enable them to access attractive lending markets that are typically dominated by larger banks. It comprises community banks in 39 states, ranging from $200 million to $10 billion in assets. In aggregate, BancAlliance would rank fourth in branch count […]

Prosper Marketplace Appears Ready For Its IPO In 2015

From - Peer-to-peer lending company Prosper Marketplace president Ron Suber and CFO Macy Lee did an interview with analysts Mark Palmer and Giuliano Bologna this week, and it’s clear that the two execs are already laying the foundation for their IPO, expected later this year. “People underestimate what it takes to do this,” […]

5 Benefits For Borrowers Who Choose P2P Loans

From - This personal loan platform connects investors in search of returns that are higher than banks are paying with borrowers seeking loans of $1,000 to $35,000. Interest rates are set based on the borrower's credit score and investors have the option to choose the risk level they're willing to take. And rather than […]

Lending Club & Alibaba Join Forces To Help Small Businesses Get Funding

From - “This partnership is going to make a pretty big difference in terms of U.S. business’ ability to buy goods from China,” Renaud Laplanche, the chief executive of Lending Club, said in a telephone interview. And it is a unifying of two of the most talked-about online marketplaces of the moment. Avant loans […]

Former Deputy Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Starts Lending Company

From - When it comes to places Americans can get a loan, there are the big banks and the government on one end of the spectrum and payday lenders at the other end. Plenty of people could use loans somewhere in the middle, and Raj Date wants to serve them. After spending time on […]

Major Banks Remain Standoffish Towards Involvement With P2P Lending

From - Banks remain noticeably few and far between in the booming field of online marketplace lending. The two largest U.S. platforms in this budding industry, Lending Club and Prosper, facilitated a combined $2.4 billion in loans in 2013, nearly triple the 2012 figure. Some investors are expecting explosive growth in the sector to […]

Comparing Peer-To-Peer Lending Companies - OnDeck Capital VS Lending Club

From - Ondeck Capital and Lending Club offer online alternative to traditional bank lending, but the business models of the alternative lenders are substantially different, according to the analysts. Palmer and Bologna said Lending Club does not take credit risk while OnDeck Capital takes risk—the most obvious difference between the two alternative lenders. Avant […]

Learn To Filter Through Peer-to-Peer Loans For Higher Returns

From - This is the essence of filtering peer to peer loans. We filter by (1) examining the historical loan data for credit variables that perform above average, and (2) invest in notes that match that criteria. Furthermore, we don’t even have to do all the grunt work of compiling all the historical loan […]

Banks Getting Knocked Off Balance By Surge Of P2P Lending's Popularity

From - If you think it sounds like a pretty good deal, you are not alone. Borrowers and savers in the United States and Britain have been flocking to P2P platforms, which are able to offer more competitive rates by cutting out the costs banks create as middlemen. Equity investors are getting pretty excited, […]

Google Enticed By P2P Lending - Looks To Finance Partners Through Lending Club

From - These unsecured loans will be for a period of two years. In the first year the interest rate will be fixed at 5% and is subject to increase or decrease based on the previous year’s performance. A maximum rate of 9.99% can be charged in the second year and the pay-back schedule […]

Is P2P Lending Worth It's Weight In Gold?

From - The P2P industry has benefited from the anti-bank sentiment - stirred up by a slew of government bailouts and years of rock-bottom interest rates that have turned investors off traditional savings accounts. And the model carries distinct advantages: providers avoid the costs of a traditional bank branch network and aren't liable if […]

7 Rules For Lending & Loaning From P2P Platforms

From - Since 2009, bankers have stopped paying any meaningful interest on deposits, they rarely lend to small businesses and when they do lend, it can be at rates in excess of 10 percent, even to borrowers with excellent credit. (The current annual percentage rate for low-interest credit cards is 10.4 percent, on average, according […]

How To Get Loans Approved With Prosper & Lending Club

Before applying for a loan at Prosper or Lending Club you need to learn the do's and don'ts and necessary requirements to avoid rejection. This requires proper research as well as a clear understanding of your financial standing. Understanding these things will help get approved easier at better rates and make lenders more likely to […]

6 Predictions For Peer-to-Peer Lending In 2015

From - Here is my annual predictions post where I review my previous years predictions and make some new ones for the new year. Let me look into my crystal ball and give five predictions for the coming year. Editor’s Note: Peter Renton from Lend Academy gives his annual wrap up, detailing where he […]

What's The Difference Between Prosper & Lending Club?

From - The real draw (about peer-to-peer lending) for many people is that the loan originates from average ordinary people and not some too big to fail bank that will harass you a week after your payment was due. For many people, this is a good way to both get money and make money while helping […]

Finance Editor Not Impressed With P2P Lending's Impact On Market?

From - The audio you will find below is from a financial world highlights segment produced by the Economist website, the series is titled “Money Talks”. Edward McBride is being interviewed, he's The Economist's finance editor and at the 3:20 mark of the video he answers questions about the peer to peer lending market […]

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