Trust Deed Lending Investments Are Not Exactly Risk-Free

From - Investors must be sure to complete proper due diligence on potential trust deed investments before jumping in based on the promise of high returns. The borrower’s property secures the investment, so it is vital to thoroughly research the property’s market value and title status. Investors should request a Preliminary Title Report from […]

Hard Money Lenders Making a Killing With Real Estate Loans

From - Outside financing remains far from the norm in the investor market, where banks pulled back from lending after the housing crash and recession. In October, nearly three-quarters of investor purchases — 72 percent — were paid in cash, according to Inside Mortgage Finance's monthly housing pulse survey. Industry members said a new […]

Lending Club - Is P2P Lending Company Overhyped After IPO?

From - One key difference between banks and this new model, per Lending Club, is that Lending Club doesn't take on any credit risk. All of that risk is assumed by the investors who actually fund the loans -- that's everyday people like you or me. Think about that for a moment. What happens […]

Are You Throwing Away Money By Investing In P2P Lending?

 From - The loss rate on p2p loans is surprisingly low with defaults for the best-rated loans under 2% over the last five years. Even default rates at higher-risk loan categories can be manageable by spreading your investment across several categories. Editor’s Note: We appreciate that optimistic honesty of Sean Bryant, he admits that […]

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