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Three Renovations to Make Your Property Look More Modern

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Looking to bring your property up to date but don’t have a bottomless budget? The good news is there are plenty of affordable renovations you can make which will transform your dull, tired home into a modern, relaxing haven. Here, you’ll discover just three renovations you can make to help your property look more modern.

1. Open it out
Modern homes are all about open living. The age of formal style dining rooms and closed off rooms is behind us, with families now choosing to have a more open environment. Now, you don’t have to have an entire open interior if you don’t like the thought of having no privacy at all. Instead, you could focus on simply having an open plan kitchen and dining room. Or, have an open plan lounge and kitchen.
It may take a bit of work, but this is one of the most affordable renovations you can make that will really change the look of the property.

2. Add a balcony
How many properties do you see with balconies? The answer is very few. However, this makes them especially sought after so if you’re looking to sell, a balcony could help add a lot of money onto the home’s value.
If you want to give it a truly modern look, opt for a glass style balcony. These offer a stylish, modern look to the property and they’re surprisingly easy to install. For example, you can pick up a full Juliet Balcony kit from a company such as Barrier Components Limited, and any competent builder will be able to fit it for you.

3. Upgrade the walls and the flooring
Nothing makes a bigger difference to a home than a fresh coat of paint. If the home hasn’t been renovated in a while, a fresh paint job in a more modern colour could be just what the house needs. Or, if you want to make an even bigger statement, why not change the flooring too? You can find some pretty realistic looking vinyl floors these days which cost much less than real wood and are a lot easier to maintain.
Overall, it’s easy to give the home a more modern appeal and the three renovations above are just a few great examples. It doesn’t matter how much money you have available, there’s always a renovation you can do to bring the property up to date.

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