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Three Ways to Monitor Your Garage or Workshop Storage Space

Garages are often known for their clutter. Many consider working garages to be a bit of a ‘man cave’, filled to the brim with various tools and implements, with many of these getting very limited use. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although garages can be great spaces for men and women to escape and tinker with items, they can also be highly productive areas if things are stored and organised correctly. Here are some top tips on monitoring your garage or workshop’s storage space.

Conduct an Audit

It’s difficult to organise your equipment if you’re unsure exactly what you have available. In order to properly organise your garage or workspace, you need to properly understand exactly what you have – you may even discover some tools and items you never knew you had!

Make a comprehensive list of everything that you currently own, and then decide how to split it all up and store it. This audit could also reveal items you’re missing (and things you could add to a birthday or Christmas list).

Create ‘Organised Chaos’ to Maximise Efficiency

Once you have your comprehensive list, you can best decide your storage strategy. This way, you can store similar items together, making it easier to complete jobs as they come in. You’ll be amazed by the amount of space this creates, and you can really clear out areas for extra storage.

This is particularly the case if you use specialist storage equipment designed for the garage. Proper tool chests and cabinets are ideal, really maximising the storage space you have available at your disposal. Take a look online at sites such as SGS Engineering to discover what’s available to suit your needs.

Review Safety

Finally, ensure that your newly rearranged site is safe for use for everyone. Using floor space can appear logical, but can also be very dangerous if your workspace is a place that children could theoretically access. Ensure that tools are never plugged in and turned on in case people accidentally press buttons, and make sure that no electrical items are near water sources.

An accurate review of how safe your site is should be done on a quarterly basis, to ensure that standards are maintained. It’s easy for these standards to slip and there are always handy ways to upgrade, such as magnetic panels to hold tools to prevent leaving them loose.

To conclude, home garages and workspaces are great areas. However, they must be monitored and kept safe, so why not start making the above 3 steps this weekend?

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