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Is Travelling by Private Jet Really Only for the Super Rich?

how much does a jet cost

In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in the number of people choosing to fly via private jet rather than via a commercial plane. So, does this mean that private jets have become a lot more affordable?

Here, we’ll look at whether private jet travel is more attainable these days, or whether it’s still reserved for the super-rich.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Private Jet?

Private jets have become a lot more affordable to charter over the past decade. However, this isn’t to say that they’re now within everyone’s price range!

In America, it’s reported you can now find seats on a private jet flight for just $59, which with current exchange rates, is approximately £45. Now, it’s worth noting these prices relate to jets which are actually really similar to commercial aeroplanes. The only difference being, the cheaper jets can get you to your chosen destination at a much quicker rate.

In the UK, it’s unlike you’ll find prices as low as that, but it is possible to find flights for the same price as business class travel. It’s for this reason that private jets have become especially popular with executive travellers. So, you’re typically looking at prices under £500 if you compare the different private jet companies throughout the country.

Flight Sharing and Empty Leg Seats

One of the best ways to save money on private jet charters is by taking advantage of shared flights or empty leg seats.

Shared flights are becoming particularly popular. They can work well for families, large groups of friends and businesses who’d prefer to travel in comfort and escape long check-in queues.

Empty leg seats are lesser known, but they can save travellers a lot of money on private jet charter. They’re basically flights which are already travelling to a certain destination which have empty seats available. So, it’s similar to sharing a flight, only you’ll be sharing with strangers, rather than friends, family or colleagues. You’ll find many UK private airlines such as Paramount Business Jets offer empty leg seat deals.

Overall, private jets are still considered a more exclusive form of travel. However, thanks to empty leg deals and shared flights, they have become a lot more attainable and are no longer considered solely for the super-rich. There’s been a particular increase in the number of businesses choosing to send their employees via private jet to meet potential clients and customers. As competition hots up, it’s likely private jet travel will become even more affordable in years to come.

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