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Virtually Limitless Potential For P2P Lending Market

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Article Snippet: It took Prosper Marketplace eight years to originate its first billion in loans.

The second largest marketplace lender originated its second billion in loans over just six months in 2014. In the third quarter of 2014, Lending Club saw its first quarter of one-billion in origination.

Even at this feverish growth, the peer lending credit industry is still just a fraction of the total market for consumer credit and other loans.

Editor's Note: Joseph Hogue writes a brilliant article, highlighting the amazing future growth potential of the P2P lending market. The facts and numbers don't lie. Peer-to-Peer lending is still in the toddler stage, but the toddler is eating everything in site and growing fast.

Here are our article highlights:

  • The P2P industry is quickly moving from an alternative form of finance into the mainstream.
  • Lending Club has recently moved into giving small business loans.
  • Great potential exists for the Peer-to-Peer Companies to move into the $13.3 trillion mortgage industry.

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