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Why Groups Prefer Private Escape Rooms Like Escape Hour

Since they allow people to become part of their own reality show, escape games have become extremely popular in Canada and North America in the last eight years. Like other cities in Canada, there are a large number of escape rooms in Edmonton & Calgary, some of the largest cities in Alberta province. While in all these escape games, the group has to solve puzzles, find clues to escape the room within the specific time, there are some differences in the business model. One of the main differences is whether the escape room is private or not, and this can be an important consideration for escape room selection for reasons discussed below.

Each escape room is designed for a specific number of players for the game. For Escape Hour, one of the top rated escape rooms, usually two to nine players at a time. The escape room will charge the group based on the number of players in the group, typically $25 per person. However, the cost of the escape game for the owner will be the same whether only two players are player or nine players are playing the game. So if there is a small group of only two or three players, some of the escape rooms, will allow strangers to book the same slot, so that they can play the game with the existing group, to boost revenues.

Though playing with strangers may in some cases, help in making new friends, in other cases, some players may not be comfortably spending time with strangers who they do not like. Additionally during the covid-19 pandemic, spending time with strangers can greatly increase the risk of infection. Also during winter, people are more like to fall sick if they spend time with strangers who have some ailment. Hence it is better to opt for escape rooms which are private like Escape Hour, where the group booking the escape room can choose the members of the team playing the escape game, and do not have to spend time with strangers. 

When the escape rooms are private, the person booking the locker room on behalf of the group is familiar of the people in the group. Typically the group consists of friends, office colleagues or family members. These group members are already spending many hours daily together, so if they have infections, they will already transmit them, spending another hour in the quest room together will not affect their health. Additionally the group members can also plan their strategy for the escape room, assigning work to members based on the members skills, expertise, helping them perform better for rooms which are private.

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